Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Today I wanted to do a totally awesome rug made out of old towels.  I cut the towel up yesterday.  I watch the tutorial and figured a beach towel would be good enough.  I just wanted a small rug so I could stand on it at the sink.  EPIC FAIL! Here is the link -
Either don't use a beach towel, make sure it's really old, super high quality towel (but why would you cut a NICE towel?) or don't do this project.  My towel was semi old (maybe 2 summers).  My issues ... it kept flaking (REALLY BAD).  I see on her blog there are others that have this same problem.  AND you need A LOT of towel.  A beach towel didn't complete 1/4 of the intended size of the rug.  I was trying to make a 2' by 2' rug.  I think I was covering a pretty wide area with 1 strip.  4 squares of the rug net thing.  I WILL do this rug, but I'm going to find different material.  The little bits of towel is just annoying and I do NOT want to get out of the shower and bits on my feet.
What I did instead... I'm not finished, but I wanted to get my blog up.  I wanted to make a rug so I used an idea from my sister.  I took some towels (3 towels, 3 different colors) cut them in strips (about 1 inch wide) and then braided it.  After the braid you roll the braid into a circle. Like you see in the first photo.  I'm sure you could make an oval if you wanted.  I then, every few rolls, hand stitched so it would stay in place. I'm thinking fabric glue would be good for this. EASY! The towels STILL shredded, but not as bad.  The other rug is smaller strips.  YAY RUGS!

The braid
How I added the strips.  I didn't sew I just added and kept braiding.
Made it a counting practice.  4 piles of 5 in each color

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