Thursday, March 15, 2012


I saw on Pinterest this recipe for slow cooker tortellini soup.  I wanted to try it AND it's made in a crock pot so perfect for me! 
You need - mushrooms
                  dried tortellini
                  evaporated milk
                 vegetable broth
                                                                                              Cayenne pepper
                  white sauce mix (I used the Alfredo sauce powder you find in the envelope)

So what you do is put the sauce mix, 4 cups of water, spices, mushrooms and onions in the pot.  I had mine on high for 3 hours or you can do it on low for 6 hours.  

Then you put in 2 cups of the tortellinis in.  Let that cook for 45 minutes.  Then you put in 1 can (12 oz, but I only put in about 9 oz or so) of the milk and spinach.  It says 6 cups, but I put in about 4 I think.  And you are ready to eat.  I put parmesan on everyones and green onions on mine.  

My review ... It's good! My kids ate it. It tastes exactly how I thought and wanted it to taste. My issue is that it's not creamy.  I thought white sauce = creamy. If I make it again I will see if I can thicken it up because it's a SOUP! I can't even say it's like a gravy it's like warm milk consistency.  I can't get over that because I want it CREAMY!  Try it! 

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