Saturday, March 10, 2012


I have no idea why this didn't post yesterday! But here it is!

Tonight I did doughnuts that I saw on Pinterest.  I have heard of people doing this before, but never tried it.  You might be asking "why is she making doughnuts at night?" Well, because I only had ONE things of biscuits and it was the can of five not the full can.
So this is CRAZY EASY! IF you get the temp correct.  Too hot and the middle won't cook.  
You need - Pillsbury Grands Biscuits
                  cinnamon/sugar mix

So I didn't have a fancy doughnut hole maker so I took the top off of my frosting gun and that was a perfect size.  I also do not have a oil temp thing soooo I did what my mom taught me and ... I heated the oil and then sprinkled some flour in it to see if is sizzled.  The I put the dough in let it get a little bit gold, flipped, little bit gold flipped it.  I just kept flipping it so it would get even color, but I wanted to make sure it cooked through.  Ok, the paper towel I put it on, I already sprinkled the sugar mix on it.  Then I just sprinkled the top of the doughnut and the DONE! And YUM!

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