Friday, March 30, 2012


Ok SO I didn't blog yesterday, BUT I did do a Pinterest activity.  I did this ravioli red cream sauce dinner.  The sauce was good, but I didn't like the ravioli.  I will make the sauce again, but I will use angel hair pasta instead.
Here is the blog -
It was REALLY fast.  I mean if you want something GOOD that isn't run of the mill sketti this is a good twist to it.  I did this on dance night and we usually eat out on dance night because we don't get home until 530 then homework and blah blah.  This we were eating by 6.  If we didn't have the chaos of coming home and unloading then it would've been sooner.  It was good, but for me I need less noodle I guess. LOL

Today I made good ole fashion mud for dessert.  I saw it pinned, but I didn't pin it so I don't have a link.
What you need - chocolate pudding
                           crushed oreos
                           gummy bugs (I used sour worms)
                           small cups

So I just mixed the pudding and filled the cups 2/3 way full.  I needed 2 packages of pudding to make 8 cups.  Then I crushed oreos in a bag.  I used a whole row and I needed that.  I could've used a little more.  Cover the pudding with the cookie bits.  Then I stuck the worms in there.  They went into the fridge until after dinner.  They were a BIIIIIG hit. 

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