Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pictures ...

SO! I guess I'm following several photographers on Pinterest because there have been TONS of tips.  PLUS, I have a friend here in Texas who took pictures of her beautiful kids in the Bluebonnets and another friend (whose a photographer) told her some tips.  I took those tips and went out to put MY kids in the Bluebonnets.
Murphy's Law is ... it's everywhere until you want it.  I could ONLY find nice patches along the road or busy street.  I FINALLY found a huge patch between homes in the more rural area (if you can get farther from things in my town) We go out ... girls in their pettiskirts, son in his cute jeans and T-shirt.  Taking pictures and then ... I look up, Bubba is rolling off a CACTUS! I didn't understand that he was ON a cactus for about 2-3 minutes.  He wasn't crying he was just brushing himself off.  So then I guess the pain set in and started crying.  End of photo shoot.  

TIPS from my dear friend.  She told me to go about an hour before sunset and have the sun at the kids backs or across their faces.  I am NO photographer AT ALL! I do have a wall in my living room mainly of pictures I have taken of my family.  I would say they are photographer quality, but LUCK! LOL So what I like in pictures is just capturing my kids doing their thing.  Even the few shots of them today, I can look at the photo and see what my kids do.  If that makes sense.  SO go take lots of pictures and try the SIMPLE tips that people post.  Those more complicated ones just don't make taking pictures fun.  It should be a fun thing you do with your fam. HAVE FUN

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