Thursday, March 15, 2012


Ok I didn't want to put this in with my pinterest post, but this is pretty funny.  I have a lot of Mary Kay stuff on my sink counter.  One of those things is the makeup remover for your eyes.  The kids watch TV in my room often.  The Madd Hatter was in my room, I THOUGHT watching TV quietly.  She runs out and says "I'm getting the bugs out of my eyes!!!" She had a cotton ball in her hand and her eyes were greasy.  I told her to go get me what she had put on the cotton ball.  She brought me an EMPTY container of eye makeup remover.  LUCKILY, there was only about a half inch left of the product.  I tell her to leave it alone! She doesn't have bugs in her eyes.  SO she runs back.  Skip an hour ... I'm tucking her in.  SHE HAS MASCARA ON!! She didn't pretty well to! Only the top lashes, but no place else.  Not like 2 years ago when she took it and she looked like a damn Kardashian! SMH!  
So I'm getting ready for bed and there is white stuff all over. It's on the floor, my towel.  I figure it's bits of wet, torn cotton balls because it was chunky light.  I didn't examine it because I figured she had the cotton balls so that's what it was.  I just take the towel and wipe the floor real quick and that's it.  Fast forward to this morning.  I go to put deodorant on ... First of all it's ALL gone.  Like no more rolling it up, THEN what is left in the tube that you can't roll up has 2 finger pokes in it.  My conclusion is this ... MH goes into my bathroom and tries to do my routine.  She did the eye makeup, put face lotion on and then put on deodorant.  Deodorant fells nice a silky SO I'm concluding she wanted to play with it and ended up deodorizing my towel and floor.  I have NO IDEA what I'm going to do when she can fit my clothes!!!!!!!!!

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