Sunday, March 18, 2012

All In One

Today I made something that I've made before, but didn't blog about it.  I made this morning because I was SUPER tired and needed something quick.  Bubba now thinks out of bed at 4 am is fun.  4 am is party apparently.  I don't remember what blog I got it from, but basically it's a breakfast ring.
You need - croissant rolls
                   scrabbled eggs
                   bacon or sausage 

Ok so you take the rolls and put them in a circle (see photo).  I put them on a pizza pan, but I'm done this same thing only with a taco roll and it fit on a cookie sheet also.  I used bacon on this one.  I cut the bacon in about 1 inch pieces and cooked them and put them to the side.  I scrambled the eggs at least 5 or 6. A LEAST.  I put the eggs around the ring.  I then sprinkled the bacon on top, then grated cheese on that.  THEN you bring the other part of the triangles around to the middle seal the circle basically.  See photos.  THEN pop that bad boy in the oven until the bread is golden brown and eat! =)

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