Thursday, March 22, 2012

Home made topsy turvy

So I've seen those topsy turvy things on TV for your tomatoes and strawberries.  So to keep with my pinterest activities someone posted how to make one.  

What you need - 2 litter soda bottle
                           tomato seedling
                          something to cut (knife, scissors)
                          hanging hook
Ok, first you paint your bottle.  The blog said that the roots are sensitive to the sun so you need to protect them.  I did tan.  It matches that place I hung it.  It took several coats.  I held the bottle up to the sun to see how much sun would shine through.  Once I got it where I felt comfortable I started the project.  I think I did about 5 coats or something like that.

Cut the bottom off so that it's like a little bowl.  This was more difficult then I thought.  I actually took my screw, screwed it in to make a hole and then took a knife to cut around.  Then I poked holes on each hump of the bottom part that you just cut off.  The blog said this helps with the water flow when you water.   

Then I made holes on the side of the bottle and on the cut off part so I would be able to put rope through both items to hang.  

After everything is all set up I put the seedling through the top of the bottle then filled the bottle with soil.  Once you fill the bottle, put the bowl in there so it looks like a bowl.  Not like how it was when it was attached with the bottle.

Line the holes up and put the rope in.  Tie it in a knot on both sides and then hang.  I JUST made mine about 10 minutes ago so I'm not sure how it holds up in storms or anything like that.  The original blog put a dowel through the 2 holes and then tied the rope to that, but I didn't have a dowel. 

GOOD LUCK with your fresh tomatoes in your home made topsy turvy. 

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