Monday, March 12, 2012

Don't Mess With Texas!

I made these Texas Roadhouse rolls I posted when I FIRST joined Pinterest.  I must admit I have never been to the Texas Roadhouse or if I have I do not remember the rolls so I REALLY can't say if they taste like them or not.  I am assuming not because I made them and not the Texas Roadhouse.  I also had 1 egg so I had to half the recipe.
Here is where I got the recipe -
You need - flour
If you want to do the butter too then you need butter (duh), powdered sugar, honey and cinnamon.
SO we had classic sketti tonight so I made the rolls. Do they GO with sketti ... mmmm no, BUT I wanted to try them.  Just so anyone who is going to make these knows ... you need TIME.  I thought it would be 30 min TOPS to make.  No! You have to mix, let rise, knead, let rise, place, let rice.  So I would probably give hours prior to the time you need it to start making.  I did NOT allow for the dough to rise double and all that and they still taste good.

SINCE I have no idea how Texas Roadhouse rolls taste, these are pretty good! They are rolls that are a tad sweet. I did not put cinnamon in the butter.  The butter tastes EXACTLY like Marie Calendars honey butter.  I mean honey butter makes EVERYTHING good right? So everyone ate them even the dog (one dropped on the floor) Once the mixing and kneading was done cook time was about 10 minutes.  Again, I do have 3 kids running around so is this a recipe I will be doing often with them awake, probably not.  The butter ABSOLUTELY LOL

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