Friday, March 16, 2012

Chocolate and strawberries

I have seen several posts on Pinterest about cake & strawberry kabobs.  One had white chocolate drizzled ALL OVER them and one was just cake a strawberries.  I like the chocolate idea so I did chocolate covered strawberries.
You need - strawberries
                   pound cake, I used angel food cake
                   white chocolate (you will be melting it so I don't think it
                   matters if it's chips or the squares)
                   kabob sticks
I made the cake.  It was a Tastefully Simple cake.  The cake needs to cool ALL THE WAY! If it's warm then it crumbles too easy.  I melted the chocolate.  The best way is to fill a pot with water to boil and put a bowl over it to melt the chocolate in. I then washed and cut the "hats" off the strawberries.   Make sure the strawberries are dried off before dipping them.  If they are wet then the chocolate won't stick.  I put the strawberries on greased tin foil then into the fridge.  Once the chocolate was hard and the cake cool I cut the cake into rectangles and then put everything on the stick.  I only made 2 because a slice of cake with the strawberries on top was just as good and less complicated to eat LOL ENJOY! I think it's a cute idea, but not really for me.  I want good food in my mouth with the least amount of fuss.

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